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Vanity Ruins Icons
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24th-Oct-2007 10:13 am - Mandatory Welcome post.
main layout #3
Welcome to VanityRuin, an Icon journal for Leigh, because you can never have enough icon journals. >.< I have very widespread interests, so you should be able to find just about whatever you need here. I will also be posting my scans/textures/brushes here as well. So sit back and enjoy the greatness of Leigh.

The entries will be friends only as we would like to keep an eye on who is looking at our little goodies to make sure no one is stealing anything. Because cool kids don't steal.

Basic Rules
The rules are simple. Comment when taking something, credit when you use it & hopefully enjoy. Please do not redistribute or claim as your own. Hotlinking is bad, upload to your own server. All other rules will be listed in the entry.

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